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LoRaWAN® Live Day: Ecosystem News, Awards and More!

25 June 2019 / by Olivier Beaujard

Olivier Beaujard

LoRaWAN® Live Day: Ecosystem News, Awards and More!The LoRaWAN®-based ecosystem was back again at the LoRa Alliance®’s Annual Members Meeting and LoRaWAN Live, which took place in Berlin, Germany, June 11-13. With a record registration of approximately 527 individuals from all over the world, this year’s edition of the event was a three-day whirlwind of new products, important announcements and cutting-edge demonstrations of Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN networking protocol.


As with previous Members Meetings, one of the highlights of the meeting in Berlin was “LoRaWAN Live Day,” a day-long exhibition which is open to the public and features a packed schedule of events, concluding with a Semtech-sponsored reception in the evening. As well as providing opportunity for members of the LoRa Alliance to showcase the solutions they are developing, the focus of this year’s LoRaWAN Live Day event was on the real value proposition that LoRa devices are creating for our customers today. If you were unable to attend this year’s event, many of the event’s keynotes and presentations are available for download on the LoRa Alliance’s Resource Hub for your convenience. Videos from the event will be available shortly – stay tuned!

Beginning the day’s events was a panel discussion with several of the LoRaWAN protocol’s prominent network operators, including Orange, Objenious, UnityMedia, Minol Zenner, and Netzikon. Moderated by Semtech’s Remi Lorrain, the panel focused on the topical customer use cases seen as gaining momentum in the market. Following the panel session was Birdz, with a keynote presentation about its recent LoRa-based deployments for smart water metering in France.

Over the course of the day, conference attendees heard about many of LoRa’s newest use cases from the customers themselves. This group included ecosystem members Maxtrack, Axino, Miromico, Capgemini, LHIRR for Accorinvest, PNI Sensor, and Schneider, among many others.

Momenta Partners also announced the winner of its 2019 LoRaWAN Startup Challenge. The team at ConnectedFresh earned first prize and $10,000 for its innovative food waste and health safety solutions.

Additionally, an industry analyst from IHS Markit presented on the latest data from the LPWAN market and how LPWAN technologies enable the Internet of Things (IoT). According to IHS, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT will account for a combined 86% of the LPWAN market by 2023*. If you would like to learn more about these two protocols and how they compete, yet complement each other, the LoRa Alliance made a new whitepaper about this subject available on its website during the All Members Meeting.

A number of important press announcements were made during LoRaWAN Live Day including Semtech and Birdz’s joint announcement of collaboration for smart metering in France, and Lacuna Space’s announcement of a major milestone for LoRa Technology.

Semtech received two awards from the LoRa Alliance:

  • Semtech was presented with the Corporate Award for the hard work accomplished by our company within all the Committees and Working Group; and
  • Olivier Beaujard received the Working Group Leadership Award for creating and chairing the Regulatory Working Group of the LoRa Alliance.

Last but not least, please find additional highlights from the event below – with pictures!

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LoRaWAN Live Day in Pictures


New certification logos premiered at the event along with the availability of the LoRaWAN CertificationCM test tool for the pre-testing of member devices.



Thank you to Semtech’s demo team for their excellent work – as usual!



Remi Lorrain from Semtech (in the middle) moderating the network operators panel.



Ms. Donna Moore, Chairwoman and CEO of the LoRa Alliance, kicking off the LoRaWAN Live Day events.



Semtech’s Remi Demerlé, chairing the smart utilities panel.



The logisitics and smart asset tracking panel in action – chaired by Pierre Gelpi from Semtech (in the middle).



Smart buildings and cities panel, under the leadership of Semtech’s Byron BeMiller.



Semtech’s Awards – the Working Group Leadership Award for me, and Corporate Award for the company.



Standing room only!

Since its inception in March 2015, the LoRa Alliance has grown to over 500 member companies, including some of the world’s foremost telecoms and networking experts. With our largest attendance ever for an All Members Meeting, it was evident this strong ecosystem is poised to continue to grow and flourish. In addition, the LoRa Alliance’s LoRaWAN CertifiedCM program, to ensure interoperability and maintain a commitment to the standardization of IoT, has also steadily been on the rise. With the creation of the new online certification test tool, the LoRa Alliance has reached a key milestone in continuing to drive the growth of this important program. With the resounding success of this recent All Members Meeting, I have no doubt that designers, integrators and end users will continue to embrace the LoRaWAN open standard and drive the future of IoT connectivity.

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*Data from IHS Markit “Unlocking Captive Value” Whitepaper – June 2019

Semtech, the Semtech logo, LoRa, and LoRaWAN are registered trademarks or service marks of Semtech Corporation or its affiliates.

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Olivier Beaujard

Written by Olivier Beaujard

Olivier Beaujard is Senior Director in charge of the LoRa® Ecosystem at Semtech and a board member of the LoRa Alliance®.


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