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Automotive IC Technology Enabling Smoother Driving Today

26 November 2018 / by Semtech Corporate Marketing

Automotive IC Technology Enabling Smoother Driving TodayIn 1885, Karl Benz, a German engineer, invented the first functional automobile. Over the past 130 years, automobiles have evolved considerably. Semtech is proud to be a part of the automotive technology journey and is aiding this evolution by offering key technologies that contribute to the advancement of safety, reliability and performance of automobiles. In commemoration of the inventor’s birthday, November 25, we take a look at some key automotive applications for integrated circuits (IC), and highlight Semtech’s contribution (or participation) to their implementation.


Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are a collection of technologies that help keep drivers safe by automating and enhancing specific systems in a vehicle. ADAS includes such technologies as dynamic cruise control, lane keep assist, front and rear collision avoidance, backup cameras and parking assist through multiple cameras integrated around the car. Implementation of ADAS requires very high system reliability and demands the use of solutions that provide elevated electrostatic discharge (ESD) and surge protection for failsafe operation, along with highly efficient power management circuits.

Navigation & Infotainment

Considered almost essential in all cars, navigation and infotainment capabilities include innovative HD touchscreens for navigation, USB interfaces for connecting smartphones, and connectivity for multiple radio frequency (RF)-based systems with the ability to provide rear-seat entertainment. Distribution of entertainment content within the car is typically done using interfaces such as HDMI 2.1.


Integration of Personal Electronics

Cars today are designed to easily accommodate personal electronic devices. Today’s automobiles feature Bluetooth connectivity and dashboard USB ports to allow for convenient charging of phones and tablets, while providing access to innovative features such as display mirroring and voice communication to smartphone features.


Advanced Remote Keyless Entry

The newest models of cars feature remote keyless entry systems for driver convenience. In many cases, these are two-way systems that display automobile status on the key fob and/or the smartphone.

Ensuring enhanced robustness and effective operation of these key subsystems require highly sophisticated ESD and surge protection solutions that protect these sub-systems from malfunction at all times. Semtech’s broad line of AEC-Q100 qualified protection devices are recognized by all key OEMs as providing highly elevated levels of protection. Complementing the protection solutions are Semtech’s EcoSpeed® DC-DC converters and EcoBrite™ LED Drivers, enabling power-efficient designs for various automotive subsystems including, but not limited to, displays and infotainment. Semtech RF receivers and transceivers provide new, innovative platforms for implementing vehicle security and two-way communications.

For a full catalog of Semtech’s AEC-Q100 Certified automotive solutions, download the Automotive Selector Guide.

Download the Automotive Selector Guide


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