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Smart Environment

Monitoring Environmental Conditions and Oyster Health With LoRa®

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 06 April 2022

The New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) launched its $6.7 million AUD Climate Smart Pilots project in 2018. The program trials digital technologies to improve the information generated for farmers regarding natural resources and climate variability across fisheries, horticulture and livestock sectors. As temperatures warm, rainfall regimes change and seasons shift, innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technology can provide early warnings, input control and new ways to manage farming systems.

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Preventing Floods and Sewer Overflow With LoRaWAN®

Posted by Raphael Atayi on 25 January 2022

Climate Change and Flooding

Floods are the most common and deadly natural disaster in the United States. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report on extremes, it is clear that climate change has detectably influenced several of the water-related variables that contribute to floods, such as more powerful storms, increased rainfall, more dramatic snowmelt, and rising sea levels. To protect our cities, we need accurate, reliable, real-time monitoring of potential flood conditions that will enable us to prevent loss of life and costly property damage.

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Fighting Wildfires and Combating Climate Change With LoRaWAN®

Posted by Raphael Atayi on 04 January 2022

The devastation caused by wildfires makes headlines every year, and continues to worsen. Wildfires cause not only enormous humanitarian and economic hardship, but also have a massive environmental impact. In addition to destroying animal and plant life, wildfires emit between 5 and 30 tons of carbon per hectare. All of the land that burns globally in an average year adds 13 billion metric tons of additional carbon in the atmosphere annually, a significant contribution to climate change.

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Minimizing Flood Risk With IoT Analytics Solutions

Posted by Marc Pegulu & Tyson Echentile on 12 October 2021

Often, there is no warning of a natural disaster, and the consequences can be costly. After an event like a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, or wildfire, communities need help to cover the costs for debris removal, life-saving emergency protective measures, and restoring public infrastructure. The recently passed American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is helping communities do that, allotting $50 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Disaster Relief Fund to help state and local governments respond to and recover from these major disasters or emergencies.

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Conserving Utility Resources With LoRaWAN® IoT Solutions

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 22 June 2021

Traditional utility operations are labor intensive and utilize subjective measurement by field personnel. Meters are often located in dense urban environments, indoors or even underground, and can be challenging—if not impossible—to reach by wireless technologies. By implementing a smart utilities infrastructure comprised of sensors and gateways utilizing the LoRaWAN® standard including streaming analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), utility and metering companies can collect real-time data , analyze it and act on insights from data no matter where it’s generated – enabling more efficient use of resources and personnel for streamlined operations. 

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IoT Solutions Detect Floods and Proactively Minimize Risk

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 20 April 2021

Densely populated urban cities are now home to an incredible 83% of all people living in the United States. As more people flock to the opportunities and culture available in urban areas, the risk of flooding is rising dramatically. In fact, flooding resulted in $45.9 billion in economic losses in 2019 alone.

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Smart Parks Protects Endangered Species with LoRaWAN®

Posted by Marc Pégulu on 21 October 2019

Without a way to intelligently track endangered species, it is difficult for rangers to fend off poachers in many of Africa and Asia’s national parks. With Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, creating a sustainable and safe environment for animals and humans through technology is simple and efficient. Whether helping to monitor the whereabouts of animals living in the park or providing protection for humans that live in close proximity, wireless IoT solutions, such as those based on low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), offer major potential for wildlife conservation efforts.

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